The Trouble With Finding A High-Quality Essay Writer Free

Entering my first quarter at university I didn’t have much writing confidence. I always had trouble in English and History courses whenever I was tasked to write my paper on a subject I knew a lot about but couldn’t express into structured sentences and paragraphs. I was embarrassed and felt helpless; I assumed I would not last long at the school and was about to give up. This is when I decided it was time I sought more than assistance: I needed someone to write my paper for me.

The trouble with this, of course, is that no one I know personally is willing to do something like this without some sort of compensation. Everyone I spoke to said I should get a professional to write my essay but I was already eating Cup O’ Noodles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and I was running out of these meals fast. So I thought of my best three options:

Option 1) Ask the Web for Some Help

I was already in the habit of spending several hours each night on web chatrooms and forums discussing all of my favorite shows, music, books… everything. I figured I could ask someone random if they could do my essay at no cost. I didn’t get much of a response. I then asked if maybe somebody would be willing to part with past assignments they obviously no longer needed. But then I was reminded that plagiarism checkers are so sophisticated now that this would certainly be putting another person at risk.

Option 2) Download an Essay from a Database

Check the web for a databased with free downloadable assignments. This troubled me right from the start because I wasn’t really getting someone to write my essay for me; I was hoping to find an essay that closely resembled the one I had to turn in just a few days later. Also, I couldn’t help but think about what the person told me on the chatroom about plagiarism checkers getting more sophisticated. I would have no idea if hundreds of students had already used the paper I chose to turn in.

Option 3) Visit a Pro Site to See What’s Up

My last option was to take a peek at one of the professional English essay writing services I was trying to avoid. Some of them seemed really legit and all offered immediate assistance. I wasn’t feeling any pressure at this point so I went ahead and provided the details to my assignment and I was given a custom writing quote within minutes. It was REALLY CHEAP. I actually found out that I was paying a sort of premium because the assignment was now technically considered urgent.

In the end I wound up paying a little more than I could have because I waited too long in the desperate hope of finding someone to do the work for free. But still, having a professional expert writing paper assignments for me turned out to be more than affordable: it turned out to be a bargain. Take my advice and save yourself the time and effort and call the professionals first. They’re really understanding of most students’ financial dilemmas and offer a lot of great discounts. Just give them a try and find out for yourself.

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