The Descriptive Essay: How To Write A Stellar Assignment

The goal in any descriptive essay writing is to engage a reader in such a way that he or she feels immersed into the material you are presenting by using details that touch on each of the senses. As an essay writer you are encouraged not to present a topic in an argumentative format but rather to present it as a picture that reader can see in his mind’s eye. Of course, your description must still relate precisely to the central topic and support your main argument. However, you are supposed to accomplish this by becoming more than an essay writer; you are to become a story teller. This article presents professional advice by some of best descriptive storytellers you will find at any essay writer service:

Select a Simple Descriptive Topic

All of the best essay writers will say that a great descriptive writing assignment should focus on a single topic. If you are given topic ideas select the one that you are most familiar with and can write the most about. The more knowledgeable you are about a topic the easier it will be to start drafting. Ideally, you should be able to free-write at least three pages per one page of the actual assignment.

Observe Details by Brainstorming

Back when you were first learning how to write an essay you may have had a few teachers tell you of the importance of observing key details and brainstorming ideas. Develop the topic you selected from the step above by writing out several sub-points. These can be in the form of complete sentences, partial phrases, or even single terms. Just get your creative juices flowing and think about details.

Do Show Ideas, Don’t Tell Ideas

Before sitting down to write my essay I think back to the advice I heard over and over again throughout middle school and high school. It’s important for me to show my ideas instead of telling my ideas. By telling ideas you are limiting your reader’s engagement because you are stating a simple informative fact. This is appropriate in some technical writing but is not appropriate in descriptive writing. Show the reader what is happing instead of telling him.

Always Revise, Edit, and Proofread

Finally, make sure you have given yourself ample time to thoroughly revise, edit, and proofread before submitting it in class. Most writers make mistakes and often find better ways to express themselves when they come back and look at their work with fresh eyes. Do each of these activities separately and leave as much time between each to ensure you are approaching the work from a fresh perspective.

With proper planning and organizing you should be able to write a solid descriptive essay in a matter of days and will therefore have time to consult with an essay write service to review your material and provide suggestions for improvement (or just purchase essay from them). The more practice you get in writing this kind of assignment the closer you will come to understanding what it is to be a story teller and will subsequently bring even the most technical writings to life.

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